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Incoming 4th Grade Supply List

Written By: Ms. Lemberis - Jun• 20•19

4th Grade Supply List

  1. 60 pencils – # 2 Sharpened
  2. 1 box of colored pencils
  3. 6 Color Coded Specific Notebooks (red, blue, yellow, green, black, purple)
  4. 10 glue sticks
  5. 1 box of markers
  6. 1 box of dry erase markers
  7. 1 pencil case
  8. 1 pair of old clean socks
  9. 3 pairs of scissors
  10. 2 pocket folders
  11. 1 package of Clorox wipes
  12. 1 box of reclosable plastic sandwich bags
  13. 1 box of large gallon bags
  14. 2 packages of notebook paper
  15. 2 packages of copy paper
  16. 2 boxes of Kleenex
  17. Paper Towels
  18. Wet wipes
  19. 1 ruler with centimeters and inches
  20. 2 packages of post-its
  21. 2 black sharpies
  22. 1 package of index cards

Incoming 4th Grade Information!

Written By: Ms. Lemberis - Jun• 20•19

Dear Fourth Grade Parent,

We hope that you and your family enjoy a wonderful summer that is both fun and relaxing. To prepare your child for fourth grade, it is important that some practices are in place.

First of all, your child should be reading everyday. Because it is the summer, let your child read for pleasure enjoying books that they enjoy. As their parent, it would be helpful for you to encourage them to read a variety of genres. Also, asking them questions about what they are reading is helpful to aid in comprehension. Children of all ages enjoy adults reading books to them. Consider reading a favorite book of your past to your fourth grader.

Another great practice that would be helpful for your rising fourth grader, would be practicing math facts. Children with an automaticity of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are more prepared for the math skills that will be taught throughout the year. Websites such as Math is Fun, Prodigy, and Khan Academy are helpful for reviewing and teaching new specific math skills.

Since the children learned so much about Chicago History in third grade, it would be fun for your family to continue this by going on “family field trips” around the city. The Chicago Public Library has free passes to a multitude of Chicago museums. While at the library, your child can also sign up for the summer reading program. Journaling about your family field trips would be an excellent way to foster writing skills.

Departmentalization will begin in fourth grade. The students will be taught math and reading by their homeroom teacher. Each homeroom teacher will be teaching science, social studies, or writing to all of the fourth graders. During the last ninety minutes of the day, the students will switch twice. The students enjoy the switching and getting to know all of the fourth grade teachers in the content area of their expertise.

Fourth graders are at a wonderful age to be independent and greatly enjoy the world around them. We hope that you take advantage of all of the teachable moments that await your child this summer!


Ms. Lemberis

June 17th Weekly Overview

Written By: Ms. Lemberis - Jun• 16•19

Students, Families, and Friends,

Happy last week of school!

Room 312 Notes and Reminders:

  • Report Cards  will be sent home the last day of school (Thursday, 6/20).
  • Talent Show– Wednesday (6/19) at 2:15.
  • Classroom Celebration-  We will have an end of the year celebration in class on Wednesday. Information went home on Friday regarding the details.
  • School Picnic- Last day of school.

5th Grade- Reading and Math

In Reader’s Workshop students will read non fiction article from Scholastic Scope and complete paired activities. We will also do an end of the book activity with Maniac Magee

In Math students will finish the End of Year Assessment. We will also do some fun geometry lessons to get students ready for 6th grade math!  


5th Grade Homework

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Reading Read at least 45 minutes. Read at least 45 minutes. Read at least 45 minutes. Read at least 45 minutes. Read at least 45 minutes.


6th Grade- ELA

Room 306/310 Notes and Reminders:

  • Report Cards  will be sent home the last day of school (Thursday, 6/20).
  • Last day of ELA class– Monday (6/17).

We will meet this week and celebrate the end of the year by sharing poems from students’ poetry booklets!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t hesitate to contact me at etlemberis@cps.edu. Have a great rest of the week!


Sincerely yours,

Ms. Lemberis